is Summer over yet?

Day 4 of my son home from school.  Yesterday was fine.  I took him on my quarterly golf outing.  He was pretty good and it’s not a morning I expected to be productive.  My golfing buddy was charmed by him and he loved washing the balls.washing golf balls

We went out to lunch and he was good and tuckered after 9 holes.  As we neared home I thought, “boy he sure is quiet.”  When I turned around I saw this is how he had gone to sleep.funny kid pictures

But, today the mischievous, wild man is working me. While I try to work, he climbs on me, screams in my ear, I got smacked around a little.  I took away his TV time ( mistake, made it worse), tried a time out.  He got out.  I finally put him in the backyard and shut the door. Lordy, I’m just trying to work a bit, trying to make a couple of nickels in a world that charges way too much for health insurance. Wait, not world.  Country.

Little scamp is now ringing the back door bell which makes the dog bark loudly.  It’s like he wants me to be poor.

Keep it up kid, enjoy community college.

Golfing with My Girl

Can you see? At three years old, Vivien has pretty good golf form already.  

Preschooler golfing -

Coming from an anti-sports family, I came to athleticism kind of late. By that I mean having to hole myself up in a hotel room for a weekend to try to teach myself about football, because I co-hosted a show on which we talked about sports and I didn’t want to look like a tool.

I have been golfing for about 4 years, with a baby break in there. Now I golf once a week with my girlfriend Barb at a public course. More than nine holes and I am pooped. Actually, now it’s six holes and I’m pooped, but I push myself.

I am NOT very good. But I have gotten better and the lessons I take occasionally have helped, particularly with my chipping.

The other weekend, we took a family trip to Ojai and I took my 7-year-old niece, Lily, and Vivien to practice our short game. WIth big clubs and lots of grass to run around on, it was harder for Viv to concentrate, but she tried. Lily did very well.  

I really want to get Viv her own little clubs and have her join me on the links. But I have to check my ego at the golf shop. When I was first showing the girls how to putt, I missed the first two shots.

Vivien said, “Mommy, maybe you should take lessons.”

Through grinding teeth, I said, “Mommy does take lessons!” Harrumph!