Step parenting is like…

I have recently been socializing with other step parents.  I hear and can share their frustrations.  Step parenting is like being the District of Columbia.  You pay taxes, but don’t get a vote.

In my recent read about Lincoln I discovered that he would NEVER have been the great man he became were it not for his stepmom.  His mom died when he was young, his dad was a simple, uneducated man.  Yet, he snagged a nice lady for his second wife who found Abe was practically feral when she entered his life.

put a dress on him and Daniel Day Lewis could play her as well

She got him educated, believed in him and, literally, the rest is history.

So, there would have been no emancipation proclamation without a step mother!!

Anyway, good time for a best of Cool Mom.  A visit from my mom about this subject. ( note, lil Vivien is 2, in the house I had to sell, pre Rex.  I got crap that I let her use a bottle, ah, kiss off)