Baby Spa

Did Rex and I go get manis together?  Like most moms, I dream that one day we will. Here we are at an event I was invited to promote some baby products. One of them was Episencial; they are a natural line of skin care products for little ones. Well, I guess it’s for all ages because when we walked in, I was given a lovely hand massage. I gave the lady my standard line when I’m in such a situation.

“I’ll give you two hours to cut that out.”

The other gal who was a rep for the Epicuren line of skin care had fallen for Rex (natch) and said, “Would you like a hand massage?” The almost 10 month old did not object, and you can see he enjoyed it.

Rex’s spa day continued on… but I want to wait till I get those those photos to detail that. (I didn’t have my camera and am depending upon “the kindness of strangers” digital prowess.)

Dr. Alan Greene was also there. He is the reigning champ of the healthy ways for babies. He is a pediatrician who has written some books, including “Feeding Baby Green.” Does he have a perfect name or what? We were suppose to hear him talk, but through a combination of my momsense that my kid would be melting down soon, and dumb luck that I was standing next to Dr. Green while he waited for his moment, I collared him to get my own questions answered.

A rough paraphrase of that conversation:

“So, my carpets look like crap because I’ve only had them steamed clean. I hear serious carpet cleaning is dangerous to kids.”

Him: “Yes, especially under 3 years of age. After that, not as dangerous.”

Check, will have mangy carpets till end of 2012.

“What’s with Ajax, Comet, etc.?”

Him: “No way, studies show, not so good.” (He actually had a more detailed and intelligent response to this, but I was wearing my baby as he tried to grab the vegan sushi that I was frantically trying to shove in my mouth while I interviewed a well known health expert, so some, if not all of the details are missing. I’m giving you the upshot)  “I use Seventh Generation products, but that doesn’t always get the mildew in the grout in the shower. So, a couple times a year, my wife and I use watered-down peroxide for that.”

Then he said he was really excited because in January a new product was coming out that would be the first non-chemical disinfectant that the EPA or DEA or AMA, or Rex stop pulling my hair, would certify as 99.9% effective at killing germs, and it’s made out of thyme oil.

“Wow, that is so cool. You’ll post that on your website when that comes out, right?” knowing I would never get the details right on that one.

Him: “Yes.”

Then I told him that my husband is a chef and how Mark was recently asked what his favorite seasoning was, and he said thyme. Dr. Greene liked that and asked me who my husband was. He had heard of him and had been to Campanile (or maybe I just thought he had…).  So then I told him about Mark’s new bar and eatery he was opening soon: The Tar Pit.

“And he is making the cocktails out of all fresh ingredients, ’cause you know the the whole farmer’s market thing is important to his cooking, so this is an extension of that.” I know I was there so others could promote stuff to me, but I thought, why not get my own plug in as well?

Dr. Greene is very nice, really.

I slowly navigated my body and Rex down the many staircases of this neo-gothic home that the event was held in. Wearing an Ergo carrier and stairs are not the best match. I kept saying the bullet point of our conversation over and over in the hopes I wouldn’t forget it.

This Green Thang

Okay, I think I’m falling behind in being the perfect green mom. Oh, that’s right… No I remember; I’m trying to be. I get press releases sent to me all the time about how to be a more green parent. Of course I get press releases about airline promotions as well, so that’s not saying much.

I naturally gravitate to serving myself and my children foods made from things not found in a lab and not serving soda in their baby bottles. I recently had the carpets cleaned and got a service that said they used no chemicals (which is probably why some stains remained). But I can’t get all hard core about it. I get these books. Big thick books about green parenting. Let’s face it:

Most non-fiction books are flabby.

You can skip past the first few chapters and then some. And if I don’t finish a spy novel I bought at the airport, I know I am not getting past a title like, “Checklist for the nursery.” It reminds me of when I used to drive between SF and LA every week and I bought books on tape. One time, I decided to ditch the pot boilers and get something that I could learn from. I got one called something like, “Understanding the Stock Market.” After ten minutes, I almost drove off the road as my snoring jolted me awake (but we know how well I learned to spot a Ponzi scheme, so perhaps I gave up too early).

I can’t imagine after having put two kids to bed that I’d brush the day off my teeth and finally hunker down in my jammies to read one of these tomes. They are well meant. Probably have some good info, but dang it. They are too long.

And it’s like being vegan, which I also did for 3 months till someone dangled some red meat in front of me. I’m sure it is better for the planet and myself to be a vegan, but that would take so much planning, extra thought, and effort.

I recycle, OK? I have one car and one electric car, bona fide; is that enough? I usually walk to the market.

Have I bought the perfect sheets, bottles, and diapers?

That would be no.

Earth Day Diapers

Since it is Earth Day, I have to be honest. I do turn off lights or try not to turn them on. I unplug things that aren’t in use (except for big guzzlers like the computer and TV ’cause I think it will all explode if I try to undo it and have to hire someone to restart it all). I buy locally, unless I’m really craving some fruit in the winter that they grow in Chile and jet up here). I have an electric car (but it’s not that safe, so we rarely drive it), and we have dialed down the sprinklers. I take reusable bags to the grocery store (when I remember). Hmm, guess I could do better. And this vid is about another green flaw of mine. What are you doing that’s green?  Or not?