Haiti: What Do You Say? (Momversation)

Th launching pad for this discussion on Momversation (a sister site) was the earthquake in Haiti.  Do you allow your kids to see the footage?  What do you say?  But, sadly every few months, it seems there is some big awful tragedy that we have to decide how much of a filter our kids need.  Toward the end of the vid Karen of chookooloonks.com asked, “What age do you take off the filter?”  My stepson is 16, and he has no filter when it comes to current events. I tried to think when that was lifted. I think it was bit by bit, but he had his own computer at 12. At that age he can go on any news site and see stories. I think there is also a danger in becoming jaded to tragedy.

Now, whether a kid that age should have unfettered access to the net is another question…I don’t make those decisions.  For my bio kids I would think twice about it.

In this Momversation you will learn what kept me up at night as a kid.  What kept you up at night?