Momversation: Forbidden Tween Shows

I’m featured this week on Momversation ranting and raving about one of my nemesis: shows that amp little kids before their time. The tween Disney — or Disney-like shows. Showing navels, talking back, fame seeking, laugh-tracking adolescents.

The germ of this rant was this article here. I wasn’t crazy. There is a real reason to despise these shows.

Hannah Montana

Yes, as a matter of fact I am the best aunt. At least I am pretty sure what my 8-year-old niece Lily thinks. Through friends who are in the biz, I scored two tickets to see an episode of Hannah Montana taped the other week.

What was it like? I just got the feeling back in my thighs. Yes, you do sit a while. Production takes a while. Several takes. Repositioning cameras, etc.

I will say that every one was very nice. The warm-up guy kept us as entertained as one could be by peppering us with trivia questions. Most of which my niece knew. And they served us pizza. Which I wolfed down like it was the first food I had seen in hours.

Oh, it was.

I would have been texting or reading stuff on my blackberry but engaging on your cell phone is verboten. I even knew the security guard, but she was looking just as sharply at me as everyone else. I finally asked permission to check on my kids. Okay, if I walked out of the audience area. I would guess they don’t want any plot twists leaked to the public. You know, like “Lost.”

Some of the cast came and spoke to us which was a huge thrill for Lily. I don’t allow Vivien to watch the show, so apart from Billy Ray Cyrus they were all new to me. Which was probably good because then I was more charmed by the corny jokes and the bits.

“Hey, the kid who plays her brother is a funny actor.”

Near the end it was all worth it. When who climbed up into the audience to take a few questions but


I was screaming right with the 8 year olds. She is a nice girl. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Obviously more mature than I am now, let alone at 16 (or whatever she is now). She made the little girls very happy.

It was all worth it for me when my niece said it was the best day of her life.