the amazing summer get along of 2013

I’d like to take credit for the diminished rancor from my children.  But, not sure I can.  Sure, there are still dust ups, but this summer these guys are getting along better, for longer periods of time than I can remember.

Maybe school is bad for their relationship?

The silly

At dinner time I ask “what was your rose, your thorn, your silly today?”   Granted sometime dinner is my kids parked in front of a TV while I hunch over my food,  a glass of wine and a trashy magazine, but when I’m being good mom, this is what I ask.

Here some recent examples  of Silly.


attractive helmet, the nose really anchors the look

Does this count as the first pony ride?

on a hot day Vivien thought this damp napkin would cool her. Rex, thought other things


After I said “Time for bath” four or five times, I finally raised my voice “I said, it’s bath time!!”

My kids were very smart.  They ran to the bathroom and when I came in they were standing at attention ( Rex ran when he saw the camera).  It was nice that they complied and nice to have my kids make me feel like a crazed goofball, which I certainly am.

Humor is always the best way to deal with conflict.

Cheaper than a lawyer.

What was your silly today?