Food Mistakes

It’s always humbling when you realize as a parent you’ve screwed up. Hopefully, it’s something small and not bailing your kid out of jail. Reading a recent issue of the health section of the NY Times told me what I kind of already knew (and my mom kept telling me): that I shouldn’t ride Viv about eating food – any kind of food.

In the video, I say I’m going to link to a study about how picky eaters still get enough calories. I remembered it from my days with Dr. Dean Edell Radio Show. I couldn’t find it, so I emailed him. He said he no longer had it either, but he wrote me this: “The bottom line is, if kids don’t eat lunch at all, they make up for it at dinner… the daily caloric intake is very stable in kids but meal-to-meal is unstable… does that help?”

Take a listen to the other do’s and don’ts.

Mommy Vacation

Does this look like a vacation?  For a mom away from home, it can be (it’s me in Austin for Hillary last spring).

Clinton 2008


My husband has to go out of town for work all next week. So it got me thinking that before I get any LARGER and certainly before our crown prince is born, I need to take some trips. I cannot leave Viv for more than 2 and half days. I just don’t feel good about that, and I can only leave her at all if Mark or my sisters can be with her. So my thought is that when he comes back, I should take a trip. Especially since after February, I’m going to be one grounded momma for a while.

Here are my ideas; what do you think?

1) Go to a spa/fat farm up in Ojai or something like that. It’s nice to be out of the city. I did this when I was about 4 months pregnant with Vivien and it was great to take walks, talk with other ladies, and eat bran muffins and poached fish.

2) Don’t be idle and get a tan. In ’04, I went to Miami and campaigned for Kerry. I have a condo there (aka, the money pit, as I am one of those people whose mortgage is now more than the appraised value of my property). I have friends in Miami, and Florida is a crucial swing state. So I could go to Miami, knock on some doors for Obama, and get to take a few dips in the Atlantic. Campaigning is tiring, but fun. Just wonder if I can hack it in my present state. But when I think of a possible President Palin, I wet myself.

3) I haven’t come up with three: do you have any ideas?

Food Fanatic Moms

I was at a kiddie party this weekend that totally proved my thesis on this one. All the little kids were sitting around the little table outside after the birthday girl had blown out her candles. And as children around the world know, after the candles it means cake time! Unless of course your mother is a nut.

So, one woman started to hand out cake and ice cream to the kids who were patiently waiting for their treat. After she placed it in front of a particular 4 or 5 year old girl, the girl’s mother comes running over “Oh, no, Debbie, oh, no!” She fluttered around holding the paper plate aloft with the sweets looking for someone to had it back to. I stared for a minute, trying to figure out what she was flapping around about. When I figured it out, I offered to take the plate from her and I gave it to my daughter.

Debbie looked forlorn as the other kids stuck their fingers in their food. She was beat down, she’d been through this before. The mom came back and handed her daughter a piece of cookie the size of half of my pinky. Ironically, Vivien ate one bite of the cake and two spoon-fulls of the ice cream and then left the table for the jumpy house. I nudged the woman who had been handing the plates out and she said, “That women is going to give her kid an eating disorder. I went to medical school and that’s what they told us, because those kids never learn to regulate their own eating.”

Food-controlling-mom wasn’t done making it a special day for her offspring, “Here, Debbie, here’s your treat,” as she placed a plate full of cut watermelon in front of sad Debbie. One mommy friend said, “She shouldn’t even take her kid to a party if she can’t have the cake. That’s the deal, kids at party get cake.” That’s what I thought.