How to be a mom blogger : with Heather Spohr


I love me some Heather Spohr of Spohr’s are multiplying fame.  Aside from being a dear person who I have sought counsel from before, she is an established mom blogger.  She has been at this a long time and I wanted to ask her about something I had been struggling with in this being-creative-working-at-home thing. One of the most unexpected bonuses of entering this blog/vlog world has been the friendships I have made with other woman.  Often first knowing them online before knowing them in the flesh.

We met mid day between our two homes on a lovely sunny day.  Our studio for this shoot was my Lexis hybrid.  I had forgotten the clamp so I couldn’t use my camera light–ugh.. so my crows feet will be readily featured. It would have been very dark had Heather not said, “open up the sun roof”.  Smart!  Not Oprah lighting, but this is guerilla vlogging.

Where else can two mom’s talk without being interrupted but a car anyway?  Well, unless I got side by side toilets and lock on the door!

Sponsored: Huggies Amazing Little Movers: Victoria, Annie and Cash

Hey, doing something a little different in the brand sponsored video department.  Some of the Momversationalists and I are playing sports announcers for babies. Here I am with Heather Spohr.

What do I like about this campaign?

1) I do buy Huggies; I think they fit well on my Rex.

2) I got to leave the house.  Nothing like saying “I’m going to work” like driving to a place with adults and then going to buy a sandwich. Ah, the little things in life.

3) It’s fun to see my mom bloggers friends in the flesh. I have been wanting to have them on Cool Mom for a coolmom good time.  We get on very well.

4) Who doesn’t love watching babies?

Enjoy and check your Huggies package to enter for points and prizes.

Momversation: What’s in Your Family Emergency Kit?

I try to be an anti-alarmist.  I was afraid this topic might tilt toward the “let’s all be scared” variety when it was proposed on Momversation, but it’s a bit more nuts and bolts. Jessica (with her cute blow out) had some ideas I had never thought of. Rounding up our LA girls trio today is Heather.  So, expect earthquakes and crime to be top of our mind.

See how you rate on the preparedness scale.  Who do you grab?

Let’s see… where are the D batteries for that flashlight?