Momversation: Were You Scared to Become a Mom?

Teresa Strasser is the guest mom on Momversation this week (Catherine Connors is one of the trio as well). Teresa and I have crossed professional paths for 10 years now. In the early zeros, we were both doing shows that were produced by BBC America. Hers was “While You Were Out,” mine was “Perfect Partner.”  Then, we were both participants in a Christmas Special for the Country Music channel.  I remember it as glorious.  I had just given birth to Vivien two weeks previous and hadn’t worked for many months beforehand.  I was HUGE, tired and housebound.  Mark and Oliver watched baby Viv while I got into a Mrs. Claus outfit, made jokes and collected $500.  Yippee, I’m making money and leaving the house.  I was practically kissing the make-up woman for making me look human, even though I was wearing a red muffin hat and wire framed glasses.

Teresa recalls it as a low point.  Forced to degrade herself as a Christmas tree on Yom Kippur for $500.  I do remember telling them, “She is not going to want to put green on her face; no woman would.”

Then we were both hosts at TV Guide channel for awhile.  Her show was “Watercooler” (with the super funny and clever John Fugelsang) and I was doing the FT.

Now, we cross once again.  She has written a book about pregnancy and new motherhood.  She talks about her fears about becoming a mother.

Can’t wait to see where we cross again! Oh, and yeah, she does have white wires coming out of her ears.

Momversation: Nursing a Stranger’s Baby

I was feeling a bit peckish the other day and I was looking for a snack.  I saw a large busted lactating lady and thought, “hmmm?”

Okay, I really just got a bowl of Tomato soup.  But,  here is a provacative tale of a mom blogger,  who did help out a baby who needed a snack. Actually, the baby helped her engorged breasts out and someone wrote about it, then she wrote about it and it was a mom blogger sh– storm.  We discuss with Heather Spohr.  I was hoping Selma Hayek would call up, but no luck.

By the way, love me some Heather.  I got to see her today for a bit and she is much more of a sassy pants than she seems on Momversation.  But, then aren’t we all.