Holiday Shopping Guide / Product Parade

Or should I call it “Daph’s Favorite Things”? More like I got worn down by press releases. I get so many emails everyday from companies asking me to put their products in my “holiday gift guide”… but I don’t have a holiday gift guide. There’s a barrel of other sites that do a great job of listing products and I do it very infrequently. Then I thought, ah heck, I will throw them a bone. I will have a Holiday gift guide!  You see how suggestive I am?  Glad they didn’t ask me to hide nukes in my suitcase.

My first pick is one I found ON MY OWN and LOVE. It’s a diffuser. Yes, those sticks that jut out of a glass bottle and are supposed to cover the smell of crap. Most of them do nothing. Then, a few months ago, I stumbled across a gal at the Renegade Craft Fair in Downtown LA selling her good smelling wares and I become a devotee. Pure Palette scents. It’s a one gal band. Well priced. She also has candles, which I bet are also great, but with little kids I prefer no open flames in the house. She will be at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this weekend and I will be stocking up.

How about cute, old-fashioned style gift tags that also help feed hungry kids? These gift tags from Share Our Strength are inexpensive and put a little “spirit of the season” on all the material things we covet.

WHY WHY WHY? As mentioned before on this site, your kids can help you to realize what a dumb ass you are. That’s why I like the sound of these Worx toys. They are trucks, helicopters, and fire engines that also tell you HOW they work. Because when my kids ask me, their liberal arts, alternative education mom has NO idea. I have not gotten one yet. I hope too soon, and if it’s as cool as it sounds I’ll let you know.  But it’s worth a look! Price is $30 to $65 and at least in my area it’s in smaller retailers which I also like.

One I was sent too late for the vid, but love is Prank Pack.  Very Mad magazine, wacky packs, silly stuff.  You wrap a good gift in one and people thing they are getting some lame “see on TV” product like a “beer beard”.

I am in the blogger category of “no, big company, I will not publicize your giveaway/FB contest unless you are a sponsor of some sort or provide a solid giveaway for my readers which help make this sight a place to return to.”  But, sometimes a smaller company, a particularly charming pitch and here I am.  That pretty much what happened with the ones in this vid.  (One product in my vid Vitacare toothpaste I do miss now that it is gone. I liked the toothpaste more than the mouthwash though.) Thanks to Vivien for not only adding her talent, but as you will see, her production skills to this.

V Day Momversation

Does V Day make you warm and fuzzy? Or lonely and sad? Check out what the moms of have to say about it. I have not been given official word, but I have a feeling it might be the last Momversation panel I share with Heather Armstrong of It was announced a couple of weeks ago that she has signed a deal with HGTV for online and TV work. So my guess is she won’t have time for Momversation any more. Congrats on the deal Heather! And welcome to the world of basic cable.

Meanwhile, let me know if your husband cares a rat’s ass about valentine’s day.

Holiday Lights

There are so many things to examine at this time. Fruit cake is a comedy go to. Everyone has aspects of the holidays they like and others that set their teeth on edge. After we have all been through this routine so many times, is there anything left to enjoy?

Note: the camera I try to use use for most of my vids showed up with missing parts, so I had to use a more basic one with no detached mic. Thus the hissing quality in this video (and probably some more the next few weeks)

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Christmas

Well, it’s true right? First off there is no gift giving. Also, when something is heavy on your heart, a break up, illness in the family, robbed of life savings, it always seems to feel heavier on Christmas. I always felt less is expected of me on Thanksgiving. Bake and eat and drink.

Last year was my favorite Thanksgiving ever. Here I am having a gay old time. We were in my dream house, and for the first time in my life I could play grown up. I had a big house and the means to host the dinner. I was expecting Rex, surrounded by friends and family, and very happy.  Content.

Well, now, my sister Carole is hosting again as she has the biggest house. But everyone is fine, so I can’t complain. It’s one day. Not a whole season with Christmas and its build up. But I did like when I was (for once) not the guest on Thanksgiving.

We’ll still play football before the dinner, and I will again host Turkey Trot Trivia, a game I have long played as dessert is consumed. I’m a game person and highly suggest a game for a mix of people. It’s bonding, and if you have people of different views it can be a nice way to channel discussion away from controversy and into American trivia. I have tchotkes for prizes.

Do you like Thanksgiving better or worse than Christmas or Hanukkah? Is it harder this year? Do you have any quirky traditions?

We always go around the table and say something we are grateful for. Other than the obvious being good health, I still maintain we should all be grateful for modern plumbing.