How to be a mom blogger : with Heather Spohr


I love me some Heather Spohr of Spohr’s are multiplying fame.  Aside from being a dear person who I have sought counsel from before, she is an established mom blogger.  She has been at this a long time and I wanted to ask her about something I had been struggling with in this being-creative-working-at-home thing. One of the most unexpected bonuses of entering this blog/vlog world has been the friendships I have made with other woman.  Often first knowing them online before knowing them in the flesh.

We met mid day between our two homes on a lovely sunny day.  Our studio for this shoot was my Lexis hybrid.  I had forgotten the clamp so I couldn’t use my camera light–ugh.. so my crows feet will be readily featured. It would have been very dark had Heather not said, “open up the sun roof”.  Smart!  Not Oprah lighting, but this is guerilla vlogging.

Where else can two mom’s talk without being interrupted but a car anyway?  Well, unless I got side by side toilets and lock on the door!

moving to higher ground

Rex is now standing and NEARLY walking.  And we know what that means?  He clears everything in his path.  I’d like to think that the shelves in my office cubby at home would have been organized if not for Rex clearing the lower shelfs causing us to move our papers and such out of Rex reach. But, truth is, it would still be a mess, just a mess on more shelves.  So that’s cool Rex, have at it!giving me the raspberry

Home Office: Do Not Disturb

Another of the ongoing myths placed on modern humans is that it’s great to work at home. Yes, you use less gas, but it’s hard to tell your family to shut their pie holes when your office is in the middle of the kitchen. Kids and husbands are heat-seeking missiles. They sense a life force, and they come for you…

I find inspiration from a sitcom from my youth.