TV Time with Daph and Viv

Nothing like bonding with your kids over TV shows, right? Well today it’s one of my basic cable faves.. even if I think the producers need a make over. That’s right House Hunters International. Also, they always talk about all the entertaining they are going to do. Who you having over? You don’t know anyone in this new place? Except for that chubby friend the producers made you drag along.

Home Improvement Television

Lately I’ve been going to the gym more.  I’m doing intervals on the treadmill.  I did it to be fit and slimmer and I am finding that cutting back on drinking, healthy eats and regular exercise helps me deal with my grief.  I’m the one at the gym changing one of the 15 TV’s, set to football or ESPN, to shows on remodeling.

I was just working out to “Sell this House”. They have really long blocks of commericals.  I go slower during the show so I can see how they are removing bad wallpaper and taking out junk from a patio, then during the pitches I turn up the motor.

But, it doesn’t stop there…