Gone Wrapping!

Other than popping ibuprofen for cramps this week is all about wrapping and cooking.

Wrapping because the kids are out of school shortly and then wrappings gets complicated.  I’m running out of of space above 6 feet high that I can hide stuff.

Cooking because I got one of those organic produce deliveries and I know from past experience that if you don’t use the farm fresh wonders fast I will have a moldering box of vegetable matter.

“What is it?”

“um, think it WAS a radish.”

So, last night I chopped up the kale, mixed with olive oil and kosher salt and popped in the oven at 300 for about 12 minutes.  It’s a tasty snack, but you must be alone to eat it as they 1) crumble and 2) get caught in your teeth.  So I looked like a hillybilly when I was done.

While they were cooking I chopped up the mountain of red chard that had arrived. Must attack the chard.  First the stem. cutting chard Then saute with onions, garlic, olive oil.making chard

After about, hmm, 10 minutes.. time stood still has checked on my kale, then I add the pieces of chard leaf.  First I thought there is no way I’m getting all of it in this pot, but gradually it worked.  Which is another reason  I must tackle these produce boxes quickly, my fridge CANNOT hold them.  I’d have to swap out something that is really needed around here in order to make room like, milk or that jar of pickles we’ve had for 2 years.

It was done and it was fine.  But, maybe it’s the Christmas spirit, but I thought, this needs CREAM.  basic sauceSo I made a quick sauce, flour, butter and a cup of half and half. Whisk.  I calculated the calories and was briefly appalled… but then I thought, hey I’m only going to eat of fistful of this dish, not the whole pan.

creamy chard

it cooked down a bit after this point

transferred the chard into the creamy sauce, cook a bit with a few pinches of nutmeg.

I ate a bit and had tons left over for the larder as well as my soy sauce, maple syrup chicken thighs the kids had raved about at dinner time.chicken and chard

With it’s green and red look I’m going to make it for Christmas dinner, but I think I will add a little more of something.. thinking smoked paprika or chile powder.

Next I started to cut up the squash to roast, then realized the kids were nodding off  So, I stopped to wrap!