Sponsored: Amazing Little Movers: Leighton, James & Charlotte

Okay, this one is pretty cute. It’s a lot of babies, and it was fun to play sports anchor with Rebecca Woolf. I did three of these so watch for them.  We do use Huggies, so this was a natural fit. Ah! A Pun.

The basic message here: 1) Huggies fit your kids well and lets them move; and 2) if you do buy Huggies they have a number you plug in online and earn points to get stuff.

The fun for me was to see my Momversation moms IN PERSON.  I wish we had more of those.  It’s much easier to talk when we are in the same room. Also, I went into an office to do these.  Felt very grown up – “I have to go to work.”


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