Mother’s day, yuck

Please do not send me one more pitch about things to do for Mother’s day.  I never, ever liked it.  Well, not true I did enjoy the breakfast in bed last year and watching my political show in peace, but really, they could do that for me another time.

Sure, would I love a massage, ear rings, sitting on Hugh Jackman’s lap?  Yes, sure who wouldn’t?

Look around.  Is there someone near you who doesn’t have a mom?  Maybe a kid in your own kids school, or an organization that supports kids in foster care. The other week I sat next to a lovely lady at a charity lunch that my mother had helped with.  She works for an organization that brings kids to their moms in prison on Mother’s Day.  It’s called Get on the bus.   I’d rather spread the love around on Mother’s day and think of the people who feel like crap on it.  Where is Orphan Day?  Or,mommy dearest day?  Ha, what about that?

But, Hugh, the key is under the mat.

A New Reason to Live…

Not to overstate it, but this morning as I sat in the Southern Cal June Gloom (overcast), hungover from a lack of sleep due to new baby ,and wrestling Viv out the door to school, a news item caught my eye on my Blackberry while I nursed. Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are going to do a Broadway show together. What’s the show?  I don’t know, I don’t care, but I am going to use my points, my feminine wiles, and what’s left of my 401k to get to NYC when those boys hit the boards.

Tom Jones, step aside, my flung panties have a new destination. Maybe I can be their back stage betty. Or fetch them coffee. Or just pant. I Iike when life shows me I’m married, not dead. That I can still work up a good little crush. Like when my friend Norah and I use to kiss pictures of Timothy Hutton. Boy, that was a long time ago.

I also miss having obsessions or fixations. Like when I saw “Dirty Dancing” 10 times. I think it’s good to have the brain take a polite holiday.

Hugh, Daniel… save a seat for me.