Creepy dick cooties

It’s the season for it.. Weiner, Spitzer, Filner.

Anthony Weiner needs to drop out of the NYC Mayor race.  Yes, I’m sure he has been waiting for my call on this.  Eliot Spitzer is sort of bugging me too.

Now, I am an old ’90’s Clinton loving, just wash the dress and moe on kind of gal so why would I turn on these dudes?  Well, number one I’m more annoyed with Carlos Danger. As a hard core local volunteer I can’t see dragging my kids around to support a guy who tweets his hard ons. Clinton had already done things to make me like him, other than being a good liberal mouthpiece on MSNBC I don’t have a reason to rally to his defense.  Here are some other issues I have with Mr. Weiner:

1) not enough time.  Feed the starving, meditate, host basic cable news shows before you run for office again

2) stop dragging that nice lady into this. That’s your wife.  I use to see Huma when I was a Hillary volunteer.

a selfie with Huma to the right

She always seemed very serious, very pretty.  She wants her man to amount to something and you are lucky to have her.  Maybe make some private sector money for her.

4) Kids sexting is a problem and you are a bad example. If we tell our kids that sexting exploits them and can harm their chances of getting into college or a job, but we give you a pass and elect you mayor our argument falls flat.  You don’t need to wear a scarlet letter A, but you don’t need to lead the biggest city in the nation either.

5) I don’t believe you.  You lied when the news broke back two years ago, now it’s more half truths.

4) Maybe a vote, but no support. Having just knocked myself out, “Hi, Mayor Garcetti!”, for a mayoral candidate I know how a volunteer in a city election has to really vouch for that candidate.  I started to feel like an Amway salesperson.  Have  I asked Joe and Jane, my good friends who they are voting for?  Did I ask Mel? Oh, he lives in Santa Monica, forget it, I’ll see him after the election.  I think it’s terrible to ask people to disrupt their lives like that when you are not putting yourself to the highest of standards.  Look at San Diego!  They have that Sleeze ball Filner who needs to take the Tijuana Trolley out of that fine city.  His own fiancée is trashing the guy for being an old lech.  San Diego is a great place, but it has the same problems of homelessness, employment, development, schools that other places has.  It needs a person without chaos who can focus on the issues.  I think Weiner likes chaos. ( arm chair psych).

5) Elliot Spitzer controller?   Well, I do have a softer spot for him because I think he is very bright and I liked his politics and tenacity and facing down the fat cats.  But, he also liked cat houses, which is so stupid at his level of fame.  I have more room in my heart to forgive him that Carlos.  But, gee, that guy, whose name I don’t know, who was going to get that comptroller job, maybe he deserves it.  I don’t think Spitzer should run in the year of Weiner.  It gives him the creepy dick cooties even more than he already has.

I’m sure there are better candidates in NYC.  Not that I know that much about them.  I get most of my information from my phone.