Day-Off Smackdown

Isn’t funny how when movies and books and music depict romance they don’t cover the real particulars of relationships? For instance, who is more entitled to a day off from the kids, mom or dad?

Well, I have decided where Hollywood and literature have let us down, I will try to pick up the ball.

Married Sex vs. Single Sex

I don’t want to say there is no spanky fun going on here, but if anyone post child is still hitting it like they did pre child, please tell me your secret. What I really like now is hotel sex.

I need the psychological break from the surroundings where I am a MOM. Even a cheap motel can do the trick for feeling all good and slutty within the context of a committed relationship.

What Name Am I?

All posts or video-logs are not created equal in my eyes. Some posts make me chuckle when I watch them. This is one of them. I thought, “yeah, me too!” Briefly forgetting I was listening to myself. What name do you use? What name did you give your children?

Years ago when my mom finally decided to take my dad’s name (she has been trying to lose it for years, by the way) he said in reference to her maiden name, “it’s just another man’s name.” True, back then she couldn’t even get a credit card without her husband, which is so weird to think about. It does put ’70’s strident feminism in context. So, I get why people choose to keep their name or not, but gosh…how do you decide?


While I am taking aim at tag-along husbands in this one, the same could be said for good guy friends who want me to be best friends with their wives and I might not be feeling it. Although, if the two women in the relationship don’t vibe well, there probably is not much hanging out.

Take a gander and tell me if you agree.