Back Stage: Imagination Movers

I super caved and bought the most expensive tickets possible for Imagination Movers in concert.  I kept thinking this year Vivien would grow out of them, but no, she asked every week.  When I saw for an upcharge you can get up close ( we were in nose bleeds last year) and meet the Movers I acted like the groupie mom I am.  I did finagle a tiny, tiny discount through a friend, but what the heck. You are only 5 once!

I took Vivien and her best friend. The Movers show was much better than last year.  It was in a bigger venue as well.  What made the show better this year?

1) They had an idea emergency.  Last year was more free form.  I kept thinking, arent’ they going to solve something soon?  Gave the show some structure

2) Nina.  She is front and center for a lot of the show.  The little girls love her!!  She isn’t wearing her pedal pushers anymore though.  Disney has given her a hand me down from mini and she sports a  red and white polka dot dress.  Bring back the capri’s I say.
a href=”” title=”Nina goes into the crowd by, on Flickr”>Nina goes into the crowd

3) Wherehouse mouse made a cameo.   Of course we needed where house mouse.  What, was he holding out for more money last year?
4) The Movers came in to the audience more.  They really worked it.  Vivien took off ( from row 7 thank you) and would gather around when a Mover- or Nina- came into the crowd. Rich patted her head.  We were both pretty excited.

5) Songs for the old folks.  As part of the encore they played a medley of some pop songs, U2, etc.  Nina can sing, think Smitty is the weakest vocalist, but they all play well.

Flaws?  Where’s Uncle Knit Knots?

After the show I did as the slip of paper that was in my tickets directed and looked for the Mover Reception.  It had said, “go downstairs”. I asked an usher where to go.  I must have looked like a VIP because he directed us toward a reception in a back lounge.  We waited a short while and then the Movers came in.  It was a pretty small reception.  I thought, really, more parents didn’t pay for this?  I noticed that the Movers seemed to know some of the people there. Then I noticed there were no snacks.  Since I and my kid and her friend always want to eat I started asking where is the food?  A worker said, “Oh, that’s at the other reception.”

“Well, what is this?”

” This is just for Sony.” she said.  Oh, right, I work for Sony ( not).

Quick let’s meet the Movers before they figure out we don’t belong.  Vivien’s friend held back, but Viv went right up to Rich.  She looks at me to close the deal.a href=”” title=”100_4581 by, on Flickr”>100_4581

“Hey, Rich, my girl would love a picture.”  He was very nice.  We talked to him about shooting in New Orleans, where he has five kids.

“How did Disney find you?”

“They saw us playing at Jazz fest”.  Good idea Disney scout person

Then Scott.  Snap.
mover scott
Me: “Weren’t you a pre school teacher?”
Scott:  “no, 4,5 and 6”  He turned to Vivien “can you imagine if I was your teacher?” like that was a silly idea. Silly AWESOME.

Me: “She was just saying she wishes you were her teacher”.  Then I had to ask what was consuming me.

“Where is Uncle Knit Knots?”  ( not just me wonders ) Scott did one of the faces when you are still smiling, but you are thinking about something not smiley.  “he isn’t on the show anymore.”

WHAT?  Then I realized he hasn’t been in the lastest episodes.

“Oh, that’s too bad.  We like Uncle Knits Knots.” (later I found there is a discussion board on Facebook about the “where’s Uncle Knits Knots?” question. It’s the “who shot J.R. of the preschool set)

Vivien, ” Yeah, cause he is boring.”

Then Dave, who is another super sweet guy.  He has a daughter named Vivian ( with an A, not our E). I said,

“great show”

Dave, ” yeah?”

“Oh, yeah, way better than last year”

Dave, “really?”

me: “yeah, way better.”
Mover Dave

Dave, “well, don’t make it sound like last year was bad.”

I chuckled and enumerated the ways that it was better.

Dave ” yeah, everyone kept asking for Warehouse Mouse.”

I decided to push for more info the beige Uncle.   “But, we did want to see Uncle Knits Knock.”  He gave that same face that Scott gave.

I pounced ” Is there bad blood with Uncle Knits Knock, was he hard to work with?  Did he not want to go to New Orleans to tape?”  I’m a Sony friend, I can ask!

” No, we all parted friends.  He has been acting for years ”  I know I recognized him.  ” He makes a cameo in our TV concert.

Then we talked to Nina, really the holy grail for 5 year old girls.  When Vivien tucked into her for the picture “Nina” ( played by Wendy) cooed, “oh, what a sweetheart”.
We talked for a few minutes.  Yes, she lives in New Orleans for 6 months while they film and then comes to LA for her acting career.  My own Hollywood shuffle and all that I have known passed through my brain.  I thought, “oh, stick with the rocking kid show.” But, I didn’t and you can’t tell people that the grass is not usually greener and sometimes it is better to settle.  Who would believe me, except maybe Susan Lucci?

A hug from Smitty and the day was complete.
mover smitty
But, wait, just as we were leaving who shows up?  The train guy and the train lady. “chugga,chugga, chu, chu”. They had opened for the Movers.  Nice people, and he started break dancing right after we took the picture.
choo choo

Best concert since The Pretenders.