Super tweaked

I’m late posting a vid today because I’m in another realm of so flipping tired.  I’ve entered super tweaked. Rex had a fever Friday.  Mark took him in as I was working and they found nothing wrong, no ear infection, etc.  So through Sunday am, he had the fever off and on.  We gave him the pain relievers to bring it down. He didn’t eat much, but seemed to be getting better.  As a consequences he woke up..a lot. He is fine now and we think it was because he had a lot of teeth break through the last few days. Did I mention that he woke up a lot?

A lot.  A lot.  And nursed like he was a newborn.  I know I don’t have that much milk left, but he sucked like I was Daisy the cow.  Which is fine, as I want to comfort him.  But, just not at 11:45.  2:15am, 5am-6am till he discovers my purse on the floor and rips everything out of it. Fine with me, it gave me 20 minutes of shut eye and I needed to clean out my wallet anyway.

This is the first real nap he has taken today.  But, enough about me.  My big, super reason for being super tweaked is Rex is having surgery tomorrow. I don’t want to say why as I think he should have some privacy in his life, but it’s not life threatening, but it’s general anesthesia, two hour operation.  It’s not a small deal.  We have already put it off once.

I would love to hear from parents how they get through this because when they wheel him away from me tomorrow I think I might pass out. And coming after a weekend where I’ve already been rubbed raw, literally and figuratively, this could be a hell of a week.  I’m going to try and write stuff today because I think for the rest of the week I will be shit for brains.

I worry about wiping that sweet smile off his face. Sigh.  My poor little guy.