Infant Massage

This is the other part of “baby spa” I went to the other day. I was invited by sprout baby because I raved about the baby food they carry. There was a nice lady from infant massage usa. It’s an organization that promotes infant massage. Nice goal, but sidebar, not the greatest website. But then they are probably more hands on.

Is this mic on?

While others were munching on macrobiotic food, she showed me how to give Rex an infant massage. That kind of music you only hear in spas and when you accidentally run into a new age book store was crackling through an iPod speaker. She had me unbutton the legs of Rex’s oufit and rub some olive oil on my hand. A little warm up,and then ask for permission to touch him. She (and I say she because I’ve totally forgotten her name, but she was very sweet) didn’t have to ask her baby as it was a doll.

“Rex, may I give you a massage?” Yes, I know Rex has limited words, but I appreciate that it’s a good idea to get in the habit of letting kids know they are in charge of their bodies.

She showed me different strokes and techniques for rubbing his belly and feet. She said it would help digestion, help him sleep better, and it helps with attachment parenting. They may all be true, but in addition I can think of worse ways to spend my time than by rubbing his lovely body. He did squirm a bit, and we offered up one of the unused dolls for him to play with while I learned to use clockwise strokes on his belly.

She talked about how this helps babies and kids develop their brains.  I said, “This must be great for kids institutions and orphanages who don’t get touched.”

She said that was very important, but that even in regular families, parents don’t take the time to just sit and be with their kids; they just lug them around.

I fell silent. Quickly a montage of me lugging Rex all over the place went through my head. Rex sleeping in the back of the car, Rex sleeping in the stroller so I can try to lose a few pounds, handing him a magazine to crinkle so I could read the headlines of the morning paper.

Could it be only a notch better than a Russian orphanage? Do we just sit with our babies enough?

I will tell you he did sleep very well last night. Do you give your baby massages? And does he leave you tip?

I Cry Uncle

I’ve been fighting the good fight and soldiering on as my mom would say, but I’m pooped.  Two kids, working, wifeager to my husband’s career, I can keep the balls in the air okay, but Rex waking up like he does is starting to CRACK ME. Crying babies in the night remind me of when I dated an alcoholic. At night is when is when he was his most belligerent, verbally abusive, showing erratic behavior, and then in the light of day he was full of life, smiles, buying me presents. Okay, Rex’s presents come wrapped in a diaper. But when he smiles at me and giggles, it’s like a lobster dinner.

Just called the pediatrician. I told her that after I had nursed him the in middle of last night, he would go down. I had to deal with Vivien having a bad dream and while I did that, Mark gave him a big, full bottle of breast milk. Rex then slept for almost 5 hours. Unheard of around here. So I asked the doctor, maybe I am not nursing enough for him? She said his weight and height are good, but babies go through growth spurts and to give him a bottle extra at night. I asked if I should throw in a little formula (the powder kind, not the pre-mixed stuff; he hates that) at bedtime. I think she said it’s okay, but honestly my memory ain’t what it use to be.

Just now he was fussing for nap time. I had been sucked clean, so I wrapped him up, pacifier, and vibey chair  (my go-to, sure-fire tool),  and he was crying. I did something I haven’t done… walked away. Let him cry. I could hear the chorus of “bad mother” in my head as I stayed away. And after 5 minutes… nothing. I crept in. He is asleep. All in the time it took me to write this.

So, time for Ferber at night? Any clues or suggestions on this time of life I would appreciate because I know I didn’t do much with Viv till she was 1. But then I wasn’t working… and I was able to hire some night-time help to ease the sleep deprivation problem.

Oh, the last picture is just Rex’s copious spit up… I gave up on dressing him by 12. He had gone through 4 outifits already.

The Anti-Gravitational Force

As Rex is further from my womb this particular affliction is getting a tad better, but it still exists. It’s interesting how when one becomes a mother one sees danger everywhere.  The cracks in the sidewalk, a busy intersection, Hannah Montana.  I don’t know if men get the same affliction.  My husband would throw our kids up to catch them if I didn’t threaten to have a stroke when he did so.

Let Sleeping Kids Lie

Hmm, this shows a tad more breast than I had realized, oh well!  I don’t have CGI to place a burning fuselage there instead. This vid underscores that constant yin yang you have as a parent.

You are adorable.

(Shut up.)

You are the best thing I’ve ever done.

But can you not whine?

Now I know there is a God.

Is that poo on my carpet?