No Nursery Nursery

Where is it written that there must be pastels and mobiles around babies? For Viv’s nursery, the theme was South Beach. No, I couldn’t figure out a way to get some gleaming hard homosexual bodies in there… Ah, I wish I had tried, but I did paint it in the colors that evoke the place, including a wall that had three shades of blue like the Atlantic ocean. I love Miami Beach and used to have a place there. It’s also where Vivien was conceived.

Junior’s origins are less romantic, more run-of-the-mill domestic life.  So what am I to do, a room with the theme, “Are you asleep yet??” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I think the decor of a baby’s room is much more about mom. I paid some good cash to have a mural painted in Vivien’s present room (not the room in which she was a baby).  It’s lovely: flowers, trees, owls. But even if I say to her, “Viv, look at your mural,” she’s unimpressed.  She is much more excited when I bring home a $4 dollar plastic toy from the supermarket. So this time, I’m not knocking myself out.

Empty Room Syndrome

So, the house we recently moved into is the only house I have ever owned (I’ve had condos, and I still have one of those money pits, but that’s another story). It’s only the second place I’ve ever lived where I had a dining room. So I was really excited to create a grand, almost theatrical space. We eat in the kitchen or on the back porch most of the time, but I envisioned the dining room to be a place for special occasions, for adults to gather while the kids are out back.

Note the wallpaper: it’s from England, it was pricey, it took months to arrive. The china hutch is Heywood Wakefield, which I have collected for years (I found this piece for a good price on craigslist); inside it is my wedding china. My wedding china! Don’t I get a room that is befitting my wedding china? Doesn’t a woman who waited to get married get to have the dining room of her dreams?

Apparently not.