Jacked Up Reacher

It started out so promising.  My husband and I were going for a quick bite and a movie.  We even ran into friends at the restaurant which meant we actually had fun bater as opposed to procedural married talk.  Why is it we are more fun with others?  The night seemed so good.

But, then it all went so wrong I forced Mark to vlog with me as soon as we got home.  I blame him. I also blame Tom Cruise. I blame Rosamund Pike’s eyebrows

Yes, her breasts were hiked up the whole time, just like her eyebrows


kid pundit

Kate is pregnant, fiscal cliff, these kind of big issues need to be addressed by a serious roundtable. Or someone at a roundtable. An oblong table. Someone sitting.

Last Sunday I was so disappointed by the rubes the political shows had on.  I figured my 7 year old would be a better pundit.  So, I saw my chance on a recent outing to a play space.