Farewell jewelry

Omg, about to tape and realized I forgot to post this vid! Probably because at work I get to wear earrings without fear of them being ripped from my ear, necklaces without fear of being strangled and braclets that won’t be mistaken for toys.  I also can wear big chunky cocktail rings that won’t scratch Rex.
One day they will return…like my abs.
NOTE: yes, Rex is very young here.  Somehow this vid got lost.  I’ve just started sleeping pretty well, so you know, stuff gets scattered.  Like my brain.

Bangle Bar

Here’s another kind of bar that would be fun to belly up to. Alex and Ani bangle bar.

They sent me this collection of bangles. One of the many advantages of hosting a show about fashion. I love this combination. The light blue beads with gold is so me. But the site is very fun. You can custom make your bangles. They aren’t giving them away, but it wasn’t out of site either. Fun to make combinations and if you can one day order, great. They go nicely with the statement jewelery that’s been in vogue.

This was well timed for me since I can’t wear earrings anymore unless I want them pulled out of my body. Sometimes necklaces provide entertainment for Rex while we nurse, but sometimes I get choked.

A bracelet might be safer.