Kate Gosselin on the Dancing show

I watch Dancing with the Stars every season.  Now, I watch it after it’s been DVR’d or Tivoed, because there is a lot I have to fast forward through ( results night?  boring) And thank god Samantha Harris is gone since she couldn’t improvise her way out of paper dress.  Brooke Burke is much better.  And BB was a guest on my tv show once, nice gal, Hi Brooke!

Now, Kate Gosselin is not a very good dancer. And I was kind of surprised when her partner Tony got all hot on the collar with her.  I mean he was practically sitting in Jane Seymour’s lap when she as on.  Think he loves the ladies and the ladies love him.  But, she is not a performer and think people are being a tad to mean about her participation.  I often root for the non dancers.  I man of course Buzz Aldrin is going to stand up to that sweet, gay Olympic skater ( what, he hasn’t come out yet?  oh, my bad), but I still like to see Buzz and his original wife on the sidelines.

Now, I will give the critics one point.  When she danced to Lady GaGa’s “paprazzi” and talked about being harassed by them I kept want them to pan to Pam Anderson going, “ah, yeah, hey over here, they follow me and I don’t complain.”  But, the producers set Kate up for that one.  I really doubt Ms. Gosselin was all, “hey, let’s throw down a bull fire number to that hot track from Lady GaGa”

I mean at least I know who Kate Gosselin is.  There are at least 5 people on that show I don’t have a clue who they are.  One’s from a soap, one is a football player and that Bachelor guy, ka-shoo.

Buzz’s departure was a bummer.  I hope they don’t vote off the known people who have a personality.  If the contestants don’t have any flavor then you know what it will look like? This season of American Idol.

Momversation: Are You Sick of Jon and Kate?

This might seem funny since we are hearing more about Michael Jackson than the Gosselins, or the failure of the G-8 to agree on how to fight global warming, or the US journalists held in North Korea.  But as a rabid consumer of pop culture, I can’t ever act too high and mighty. The momversation.com crowd weighs in on whether we have had a bit too much of the prolific people from Pennsylvania.

They may have been eclipsed for now, but did you think they were a bit oversaturated?