Joan Rivers: a moment must be paid

I loved her when I was a little girl watching Johnny Carson.

So  brave.  Such guts.  I know people got made at her sometime, but guess what if you don’t have an edge you are Josh Groban, you aren’t a comic who makes people pee in their pants.  She always made fun of herself as well.



I was the direct beneficiary of her talent.  After she and her daughter left TV Guide where she blazed the trail of red carpet review they started another red carpet show The Fashion Team with my co host David Evangelista.  Later they brought in Lawrence Zarian.  The show was a blast to do.  fashion team with daphne brogdon and lawrence zarian Did I get to ever live coverage like she did?  No, I never got why, however it was a cushy gig.  Sitting in a studio all made up making fun of people.  I made jokes about celeb clothes and fashion trends.  Looks for less, fashion mommy must haves.  My kids both modeled on the show.  vivien peel modeling on tv

Rex and his mom "Kate Gosselin"

Rex and his mom “Kate Gosselin”

But, there was only one Joan.  Her daughter came on once in one of our early episodes.  It was not a warm event.  But, it didn’t change how I felt about Joan.

I saw her live in a play at Geffen playhouse not that long ago.  She was great.  So much energy.  Back in the ’70’s my parents interviewed her– they did some freelance journalism.  They loved her.  She was very smart.  She was promoting the film she directed Billy Crystal in “The Rabbit Test” about a pregnant man.

Let’s remember her delivery.  Someone can write a good joke, but the way she delivered it.. and would just not let up.  So funny.   I’m really going to miss her. Her nearest creative heir is Kathy Griffin.  But, she doesn’t make fun of herself the way Joan did.  But, creativity is so personal.  I really thought Joan Rivers would go on longer.  But, there never would have been a good time for her to leave the stage and I’m glad she was working till the end.

I can’t help but think…The last few weeks have been really tough on great comics.  Shouldn’t someone go check on Jim Carrey? Does someone need to walk Billy Crystal home?

Movie-Watching Mom

One of the best things about flying… actually, the best thing was watching movies. I NEVER see movies so I was catching up. On the way home I watched A Serious Man. It was nominated for best picture, and I’m not sure why. I appreciated the acting and some of the motifs, but where did it go? Nowhere. I finally got to see The September Issue, a documentary about Vogue magazine. Loved it. Ate it up. I watched Nurse Jackie, the Edie Falco show on Showtime. I was enjoying it. She is a good person who tries to help people; meanwhile she is addicted to drugs that she gets from her pharmacist lover. Near the end, we see that she is married and has two young girls. Forget it. I didn’t want to watch anymore of that. Knowing that character was jeopardizing her daughters would make me too uncomfortable.

This same mom brain couldn’t get through 5 minutes of United states of Tara.  The star of that has won awards playing a woman with multiple personalities. But a few minutes in she switches from normal mom to an alter ego who thinks she is her teenager’s friend. Her kids know she is nuts and one plays along and one is really unnerved. I was with him. Click, off. The billboards for this show that have blanketed LA act as if all of her personalities are kooky, fun. I just think of the years of therapy her children will need to go through.

Oh, and I am reading Kathy Griffin’s book. She is one of my heroes. It’s very enjoyable. And since I know people, who know people here is my signed copy. She wrote, “Am I your Cher?” Guess she knows I like her.