Wreck Mom

This could mean so many different times, but here we explore that anxiety and self punishment moms inflict on themselves in the realm of “am I doing the right thing?”

We were going to shoot some cool mom vids and friend and producer Michelle came over and we started talking about her life, and then of course we say, “hey, this is a cool mom, Chung Ming, turn on the camera” (the three of us have become a bit like the Mod Squad, except we talk more).

Note the enjoyment I still get from my Kenmore washer and dryer. Be sure to check out their contest Genius Tips on Facebook. There are good ideas there and you can enter, but I just like reading the tips.  It’s also interesting to me how far Facebook has come as a marketing tool. Even for a big company their site is secondary. Remember how simple FB pages use to be?  No more.

But, I digress, watch a mom torment herself and a jaded mom tell it like it is.

Kenmore Washer and Dryer, Oh Yeah!

I have a few vids and blogs coming about settling into our new digs. When we got the house, we found out we needed to get a washer and dryer as the previous owners wanted to take theirs with them. I had been doing some fantasy buying (where I stay up late and surf on images I covet, you know). My wandering eye settled on a pair of energy efficient front loaders from Kenmore. Oh, yeah, they knew they wanted me.

In one of those rare “put it out into the universe and it will come” types of things, I got an email from Kenmore that asked if I would judge a contest for them about Genius Tips. This is a fun read, let alone a great opportunity for you. They want tips about short cuts and hints to different domestic topics. There is a winner every month who gets a $3,000 Kenmore gift certificate. That would buy you a lot of Kenmore. So, I reached out to the Kenmore rep, told her of my love and desire for a Kenmore washer and dryer and how I could perhaps help them with their Genius Tips contest. Long story short, I got this washer and dryer to review.

When I picked them up at the local Sears (on Crenshaw), I did spend over $200 on a warranty for the washer (which MP told me not to buy, but I did). Otherwise, I was given this set to review and for my ongoing participation in the Genius Tips contest.

Here is my first take on the set (by the way, in the store, they seem to cost a little less depending upon the special being run).

Check out the Genius Tips. I have spent some time, after the kids go to bed, on that myself. The winning tip will be featured in a Kenmore ad.