Lemonade stand: Last days of summer (spons)

These Kia videos my kids and I did in September have become like a scrapbook book for me.  It was the last days of summer, and as it turned out, the last days of Campanile.  Though we didn’t know it yet.  In this charming episode of Vivien, Rex, Daphne and their 2013 Kia Sorento we use it to help sell some cool drinks on a hot day. I know they are my kids, but jeez they are pretty cute here. They did love serving the lemonade.


Yes, today we would do better as a hot chocolate stand. It’s shot very prettily and it’s in the parking lot of what was Campanile with Alex, who was the best valet guy making a cameo.   The La Brea Bakery sign is in the back, though they too have been forced to move up the street by the change of lease holders ( dead to me).

It’s a sweet nugget of time. Check out the nice car with the power folding side mirrors! Maybe I folded them to fast.  I didn’t see the predatory restauranteur breathing down our necks.

Getting kids to sleep in the car (Sponsored)

This is the first in a series of videos Rex, Vivien and  I were hired to do this summer for the Kia Sorento.   These videos are my idealized self.  Yes, it’s me, my kids and things we do, but the saturation of color is so much nicer in this world and I’m driving this nice new car.  Look at the sunroof plus!  Pretty sure, ” blah, blah, blah ” will take off as a new catch phrase.


Based on many true life moments of trying to get the kids to sleep. My little ones are pretty darn cute here, and professional.

I wish they had left us the car!