Kid Audition

I feel like I am sharing a dirty secret of mine: Rex has an agent. Hear me out. It’s because of cool mom and segments on Fashion Team where Rex appeared in a few little gigs he was asked to do with me. I plunked the cash right into his 529 or IRA. (By the way, Coogan Law which is supposed to protect child actors only requires that 15% of the gross of the child’s earnings be deposited in his Coogan account. I think it should be more.)

Since Stanley Chais and Madoff decided Rex didn’t get that money for his education, I thought, hey, if the kid can score a few bucks great. All the better while he is so little that he won’t feel like a piece of meat. When I have been on shoots with kids, other kids, they have always been treated very well. Which is why our recent experience auditioning was all the more shocking. It’s also why Vivien wants no part of it.