Phineas and Ferb

Yes, it’s pretty much on our house EVERY day. 

Not only does Vivien love it, so do Mark and I. He is hunkered down right now with her watching it. Come on, that’s a  clever show. Those boys can do anything. I like the writing, very funny.

Please note Mark’s new glasses. He got two pair; these are the slightly better ones. The others are rounder and light brown. I’m not a fan. We had a tiff about them since he bought them without me. Talk about “You don’t bring me flowers!” I can hear Babs and Neil Diamond now.

“When we first went out you liked that I came to pick our your glasses (which were way cooler and went better with his face than these ones).”

Him: “But my eyes are getting worse, and I just needed glasses.”

If you see steam roller I may chuck them underneath it when no one is looking.

Berenstain Bears

Let’s face it, the shows our kids watch permeate our souls! Lately, Vivien’s number ones have changed to Max & Ruby (big, big fave) and The Upside Down Show.  My sister Cecily says, “You always like what your bunny likes.” But not always… hence this vlog about the Berenstain Bears. (Also Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!… I started to avoid that one. Too fast.)

Are there some that you like and some that just bug?