Why We Don’t Have Pets

Okay, when you watch this vid imagine the last words I spoke were:

“Like me.”

I realized that should have been my tag… harder to “rewrite” a video.

I marvel at people who have babies and then not only have several pets, but puppies and kitties. That is so much NEED to deal with. Not sure how that all works and how the couch can withstand it. I’ve only had the kind of pets that can be contained in glass (rodents, reptiles). They are so lousy at playing catch.

You know how the name of your first pet is the first name of your porn moniker? Well, my first pet was a fish. Which I brilliantly named “Fishy.” Could you think of a worse porn name for a woman?

Trying Out a Minivan

This is me getting back to my roots… no, not that medium brown I’ve been covering up for years. Back in the ’90’s when I lived in San Francisco, I was briefly an automotive reviewer. I reviewed cars on a syndicated radio show and for a local magazine. The radio show had brought me in to consult but couldn’t pay me, so they said if they set me up with my own segment then magically cars would be brought to me every week that I would review. It was cool. A fresh, lovely car arrives; I drive it, and then poof, it’s gone after a week. I had a an old, red Mazda hatchback at the time, so I was thrilled to get into new cars.


When the radio show went belly up (maybe it was my consulting?), I hustled a spot in a magazine to keep the new car smell in my life. I had a thing called the Daph-o-meter:  “How many fairly good looking men turned to look at the car, assuming half the stares are for the car.” Thus, a red Honda Del Sol was off the charts; a minivan got a 2.  Ah, such different days that I would want a car for sex appeal. Now, it doesn’t even occur to me.


Anyway, I met a PR gal for GM, and right I away I was like, “Hey I use to review cars; let me try one out”. I really wanted to say, “Come on, your company is hanging by a thread. Give a super discount on a new car.” The lease on my husband’s Dodge tank is up in June, so I thought it was well timed.

Step Mommies

From time to time, it’s good to hear from a mother wiser than myself – my mom!

My mom, Morency, not only raised three girls but has run her own small private school for close to 30 years. She deals with kids who would otherwise fall through the cracks, so I think she has a lot of insight.  Since I am a step mom, I wanted to ask her about the step parents she has known through the years.

Anyone who has had that job knows it can be a little dicey to navigate. And I am lucky. I never had the ABC Afterschool Special moment I thought I would have, a step child running down the hall, screaming, “Leave me alone, you aren’t my mother!” as they slam the door to their room.