my political involvement makes news…sort of

Well, someone is reading my tweets.  I was contacted by a local reporter recently about a rant I did in the summer!  Trying, but thwarted, from speaking before the LA city council.  Here is a link to the story To hear..   the audio click HERE

While I waited for hours my friend , retired councilman Nate Holden kept me company.

Hey, let's take a selfie while these windbags go on!

But, when he left for lunch and I was starting on hour 3 of waiting I asked to speak to someone from my council office.  I wanted it known that I was here for public comments and that apparently public comments was for the public to Hear, not be Heard. My council’s rep, rep said they agreed, but it wasn’t their show.  Hurumph.

So, my take on the package that was passed was never heard, but my take on the process was, so that’s something…I guess.