Block Party

One of the things I love about where I live is that we have a block party.  My part of the block is known as being slackers, so I kept shouting “I’m a joiner” as soon as I moved in.  Cut to myself and two other gals who organized the whole thing.  It was great.  But what would have made it better is if the community had invested in some name tags or stickers before the big event.

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It suddenly occurred to me that I am really pregnant.  I think a second shower would be excessive, especially as many are feeling the economic pinch.  Also, I can’t see how I could pay for the kind of big party I would like to throw for my soon-to-be born son.

So, I took a cue from my neighbor Cara, and I am throwing a potluck.  I’m calling it an “He’s almost here!” party.  We are doing cocktails, which will also be fun for my husband, as he is soon opening an artisan-style cocktail bar (pre-prohibition; no crappy sweet and sour mix).  I asked people to bring a dish or a bottle of wine.  So far, the response has been great.

Mark felt a little funny about it, having a potluck when he is a chef, but I talked him into it.  1) Cara just did a potluck that was fun and didn’t feel like a crappy church social and 2) I explained that given our budget, the only alternative would be 6 people and a pizza. And which 6 would you choose?

Cara gave me some good pot luck tips:

1) Have extra serving tools. She says she didn’t have enough last time.

2) If you know what people are bringing beforehand, make up cards or labels. Having a sign that says, “Mary’s Veggie Lasagna” will look a bit more polished.

3) When people come in, slap a sticky on their pan. Cara said that after her last party, she spent 4 days calling people saying, “Did you leave a rectangular Pyrex pan?” I mean who hasn’t?

4) If you are planning ahead (which I am not; my guest got a crude Evite and less than two weeks notice), you can stick a note on each invite like “Bring Appetizer” or for your good-cook friends, “Bring Main”.

Now, what to wear…

Losing Stuff

Sometimes accomplishing the vexing little things can yield the most satisfying results. Like mending dangling buttons, or throwing out the dead flower arrangement from Thanksgiving, or labeling everything I can get my hands on. No joke. If they made labels for freezers, my sisters and I would have used them to mark our favorite ice cream. Hell would rain down if you ever ate the other’s designated pint (hmm, it’s a wonder we aren’t porkers). In this vlog I tackle the “Where is your sweater question?” with the help of labels, of course.

This video is sponsored by Stuck On You.