Things I Would Change About My Delivery

Days away… I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do differently from my last delivery. But I also have to stop myself from trying to overplan, even if it’s trying to correct things from before. ‘Cause it could be so different. And as much as I want a nice experience for me, I really want my little boy to come out healthy and screaming. The rest is gravy. Of course I’d like to be healthy too. I just saw an Oprah where the mom got a flesh-eating virus, so now I have to worry about that too. Harumph.

Bracing for the New Baby

As my girth enlarges, I’m starting to get a tad bit of new-baby dread. Here’s what I’m thinking about:

1) Worrying that he is healthy. The mind, goes doesn’t it? I was lying in bed last night rubbing my belly, sending him good vibes and chants of “healthy, healthy.”

Big yawn
Creative Commons License photo credit: davef3138

2) Vaccinations. Going through the shots again! I learned with Vivien that I really had to sack up for those. And since I’m having a boy, I’m more freaked out about the whole autism/shot link.

3) Choking. I’m so in preschooler comfort-zone that I kind of forgot until last night about the choking thing. Mashing up food in tiny, tiny amounts, and spooning it in. I saw a little bracelet Viv was given on the floor last night, and since bending over is not my strong suit these days, I left it. ┬áThen I thought, wait! Soon I will have to clear the decks of all little bits, as Junior will be jamming it all in his mouth.

4) C-section recovery. Particularly those first two hours, when I felt like I was sliding off the face of the earth. Pretty uncomfortable.  Not acute pain, but unpleasant. I had planned to have a vaginal delivery the first time, so I had a nice doula who held my hand and that really helped during the transition back to earth as my family ran around with excitement, which at that moment I could not share. When my sister had her C-section, she seemed so happy afterwards. Hmm, I missed that gene. Should I have the doula again? Does it make sense to have one just for two hours?

I’m sure other worries will come…

On Momversation: Childbirth Choices

Hey, I kicked off the “momversation” this time! Childbirth is a subject that really resonated with me, and we got to use the term “vaginal” a great deal, so that was cool. And I enjoyed hearing what the other mom-bloggers had to say about this topic. I think that if you had a C-section you, can relate to this, but maybe all women who now have a child can relate! Do you feel there is a tyranny about the “right” way to have a baby?

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