Mommy body issues

As I keep telling PR people who want me to interview their clients, “Will they come to my house?”  I passed on people from Katie Couric on down ( she wouldn’t be interviewed on camera anyway).  But, Coolmom regular Sara Chana, Homeopath and Herbalist, Breastfeeding Expert, Birthing Instructor, keeps coming back to the cool mom studio ( today it’s in my living room).  As one who was raised on Merv Griffin I feel like she is my Shelly Winters, or Totie Fields.  A favorite guest who pops on whether they have something to promote or not.  It’s always fun to talk to her.  Maybe she is my Dick Cavett.

Notice that my cat is lurking in the back like a disgruntled band leader. I don’t know if it’s Apple or Julia.  I think she thinks if she gets in frame enough she get her SAG card.  Huh, kiddie, the web won’t help you that.  Maybe you want to run away to a movie stars house?

I can only hope.

So, How has your body changed?



Sun burn care – “good morning with coolmom”

Oh, here is a segment from my new morning show.  Now, when people pitch me guests I usually say NO.  They think I should go to them. No, not even for name celebs.  I say, “If they will come to my house I’ll do it.”  Well, the only one to take me up on this since Kristi Yamaguchi is Sara Chana.  She is a lactation specialist who I interviewed in an office on the way to pick up Rex near his school.  She was a hit, so when they ( her people) said she had more to talk about I said, “yes, if she will come to my house.”  So, she did.

After our last meeting it ended up my former neighbor and friend Esther had her second baby delivered by Sara.  Small world.  That little boy is now 3 and I owe him a present. Sara is a pistol.  She is the Joan Rivers of herbs and lactation.

So, besides knowing about breasts, Sara is an herbalist and she has ideas about protecting the skin from sun.  Especially about a natural way to care for a sun burn.

Watch for the issues with my crew here.  Can’t have been union.