My F-Up

Hey, those Cool Mom readers who clicked on “Home Alone” saw something I had not intended for anyone but an editor and producer to see. It’s my raw, uncut talking to camera for an upcoming momversation about what do you say to a parent who has lost or is losing their child. It’s going to be a discussion between me and Heather Spohr who, sadly, has first hand experience with this subject. I cringe that I posted the wrong video because it’s such a sensitive issue, and I wanted to give it the proper context.

I labeled my videos incorrectly on my desktop so when I uploaded them you saw a heavy, sad video. I really try to keep my Cool Mom vids on the lighter side. I think the world is sad enough, and I would like to provide a little laugh and smile to you all. I know how much humor has helped me through dark moments, so I feel like it’s the one thing I can do. I’m not that clever or bright that I can cure the ills of the world or often even my own. But I do like to have chuckles on Cool Mom, so I’m really sorry I mixed the videos up. Thank you all who added your kind comments. I am going to move those to the comment section when I post the Momversation on this subject. I think that will be in a few days. Also note, the fading red blotch on my eye.  I’ve been a bit beat up by my month-long cough fest.

But you did just see the raw footage of a Momversation. That’s sort of what they are like when we send them to the producer and then they get all diced up with music.

I’m embarrassed I labeled the wrong vid. I’ve been a little sad and distracted lately.

I’m Not Laughing at You!

I was pregnant when I taped this, but this issue has not died. How can I make my daughter understand the difference between laughing with and laughing at? And furthermore what strength it gives you when people can laugh at you? Not in a belittling way but in a “There is nothing you can say that hurts me because I am already aware of my shortcomings” way, which is the inner voice of all comics.

Well, she is only 3.