kids “help” in the kitchen

I hide mixers like I would rat poisin from Rex.  We have been cooking and baking a lot lately, but sometimes I don’t want the “help”  ( Cut to child screaming, “I wanted to crack the egg, I wanted to crack the egg.”)

Here was very simple little exercise in cooking and economics with my kids ( note my slippers.  Could I be more white trash?)

I was making a pound cake and playing beat the clock yesterday.  Must- get -this-done-before-Rex-sees-mixer.”  If he sees it then he wants to do stuff and I’m worried about his little fingers going in the kitchen aid, and keeping track of who put in what last.  Plus, putting in baking powder does not have the same cache as 1) cracking eggs or 2) pouring in sugar.  The latter because he snatches some back for himself.  Then he and Vivien fight over the chairs they are standing on and I think, hmm, what’s a matter with buying a box of factory made cookies?  Oh, that’s right I’m giving them a great childhood memory.

Festival of Leftovers

As the wife of a chef I often have people say to me, “Wow, you must eat great!”

“Why are you eating that slice of cheese on a grocery store roll; you are married to a chef.”


Well, I do eat well, IF I go into his restaurant. But 5 to 6 days of the week we are on our own. And when dinner is Mark’s job, he is kind of pooped so his fare is simple–but good– grilled steaks, sauteed vegetables.

One thing he is good at doing is making something out of nothing.

When we were dating he would drive over to my apartment when he was done. Seems crazy to remember that he could show up at midnight, and I was awake and happy to see him. As opposed to now when I fall asleep at 10:30 and growl if he wakes me up at midnight. Poor guy, bait and switch.

So, one night I said, “Please bring me something to eat.” I waited in my little pad thinking of all the yummy food he would be bringing me. But he had spaced.

He brought nothing.

I said, “But I have NOTHING TO EAT, and I’m hungry. I’ve been waiting for your fine food.”

He said, “I will fix something.”

“No, no there is nothing Mark, nothing!”

Well, like in some reality show challenge, he made me a great tomato salad and something else good I can’t remember.

In our current life when we are both too pooped to shop and cook, Mark has birthed FESTIVAL OF LEFTOVERS. In this picture, he made a nice salad with cold steak and other ingredients. It was what we had on hand, and it did taste good, but his presentation really sells it.

When he isn’t home we often eat practically standing up. With Mark, it must all be Plated.

And please note Rex’s onesie. My dear friend Heather made this for him. She is a crafty little child-free friend.