Explaining the News to Vivien

News events are moving so fast that this video I did a couple of weeks ago went from being dated to relevant again.  I posted it last week, but took it down quickly because the news came out about Lara Logan being attacked.  That really bothered me and thought the video would be in poor taste .  I feel like it’s okay now and with the events in Libya and all the other stories that will unfold while you have young children how do you address it?

How far do you go when exposing your kids to news stories?  Vivien was old enough to know I was obsessed with the 2008 election, and Michael Jackson’s death went on forever.  Do I get into all the unsavory bits? Certainly not. I think it’s cool for her to know about big events and I try to break it down for her in a way she can understand. I filmed this when the grease was first hitting the pan in Egypt.

The part of Vivien is played by my friend Michelle.