Italian Movie star: Vivien’s turn

It’s been a tough week. month, 4 years. I haven’t been rushing to blog/vlog because there has been so much stress I think I’ll just whine and complain.  Who wants that?  ( um, well, apparently that can make for a successful blog) so, perhaps my penchant for humor is keeping my site down!

Nonetheless, when the going gets tough I need a laugh.  Sometimes I have to look for others for it.  When the going gets tough I always, always can rely on my children to take me out of the depths of depression, self loathing and ennui.

So, while I have shown before my utter adoration for Rex, how he is like an Italian Movie star from the 1960’s, I haven’t given my love for Vivien the same due.  Mostly cause she is usually in school when I do my vids.

So, here to lighten, my mood and yours is the return of this persona.

I love Vivien so much.  Although, I fear with this vid I have frightened her.  Maybe that’s partly why it works to have Rex in more vlogs. He doesn’t know yet that mom is mad as a hatter.