how having a son can save you from dating pain

It’s too late for me.  I’m married and even if I wasn’t happily married, I’m too lazy to change it up now.  But, you single woman, it’s you I speak too.  Don’t get to sad about men.  Don’t take it so hard when they shower you with affection than never call or text or have your name tattooed on his arm–oh whatever you kids are doing these days.  Even as Cute, Cuddly little boys they are out to BREAK YOUR HEART. Like my earlier vid Italian Film Star, I explore this dynamic again.

yeah, we don't live in a bucolic land


We are broken hearted

Obama got that right.  This tragedy challenges our comprehension.  I want the gun violence    to stop.  I want mental heath support to be as easy as getting a burger.  I want those 20 children not to be gone. Their parents love them like I love my own.  I do not want to sit in their agony.  I want to fix this. But, there is no fix.  

I’m keeping this from my kids.  I want to protect them from the evils of the world as long as I can. I was looking or an image to sum up the feeling I had for all of the children of the world and then I remembered this picture I took last week.  Rex was given some trains and track by our neighbor.  The kids played while I went and read for a bit.  When I came back Vivien had made this.  

Motherfuckers, put down your guns and stop blaming others for your pain.  Just love.  Why not?   If you want to shoot yourself, don’t take anyone with you.  We don’t want to go.

I’m so sorry. Like everyone else, I’m broken hearted.

Momversation: What Bugs You About Your Spouse?

I was just reading Modern Love in the NY Times Style section, a major favorite read of mine. In it, the woman recounts how she yells at her husband in public over some minor infraction, something that had built up over 20 years of marriage. As she collected herself, she realized what it must be like to be him. I think that is a great way to live, to see the world from their eyes. Unfortunately, in this vid, the moms and I once again go after the hubbies anyway. Hey, I can’t take the high road all the time… or maybe any of it.