wanting to watch My shows

I’m about to hit the road for a few days, so let me give you this vintage nugget.  It’s only a couple years old, but with netlfix, ipads, it seems quite retro.   When Rex was smaller he made it so I couldn’t watch the shows I want to watch when my kids go to sleep.

He is so cute here, yet so diabolical!  Happy long weekend

Non-Labor Day

Welcome back! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was not full of trips to the beach or BBQs. But darn fun. My goal has been to be a shut in. Between having a baby and the heat I think it seemed logical. My top high points from the weekend, not necessarily in this order were:

1) My husband and I had a date night. Nothing like being face to face for reconnecting… across a table that is.

2) After she and I had a run in ( I didn’t let her do something, she kicked me, I sent her to her room), Vivien followed me into Oliver’s room where I was cleaning up and hands on hip said, “Mommy, we need to talk.” I stopped myself from rushing forward and telling her, “You are so cute, and look at you using reasoning!” I just said, “Yes, we do.”

3) Thursday night one of my oldest friends (freshman in college) Trish took me to see the Pretenders. I kind of forgot how wicked cool Chrissie Hynde was and still is. Here is an apt review of what I saw. There she was 57, mother of two, looking like the cool, accomplished rock star she is. An icon. She had a great outfit. White vest over some shirt, tight jeans tucked in almost stocking-like high boots. I would look like a clown, but man it worked for her. She has that great deep voice, she bantered with the crowd well. And I also forgot how many good songs the Pretenders have. Talking bout my generation. She’s just so “this is who I am and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass.” Which makes me want her to like me. Then when she broke out her guitar Trish and I were thinking, ah, I wish I could be that cool. At the end when she took out a harmonica and started playing I turned to Trish, “Okay, I want to kiss her… if she’d let me.”

4) Speaking of wanting to kiss someone… I was at a fun pool party for a 4 year old where who else was the there, but Mr. Hunk himself Jon Hamm, lead in “Mad Men”.

I am fanning myself at the thought. It was a nice normal exchange at a taco-catered-truck backyard party. He tried his best to get Vivien to warm up to him. I didn’t tell him that she shined on Jake Gyllenhaal a couple of years before in a similar manner. I did not tell him he was the cutest, hottest thing on basic cable. I wasn’t pleased that I hadn’t lost ten pounds that morning as I had to take off my cover up and give him an eyeful of my mom suit as I pushed Viv around a little floaty. My only hope was that my large, nursing breasts would pop out, and I would have felt I had made myself somehow memorable to Mr. Hamm.

Oh, and I saw a movie. Which is where this comes in.

The only reason I could go to the concert or the movie of course. That is my pump station. The spilled milk, the sound “eh-a-eh-ah-e-ah” humming along as I try to read for a couple of minutes. (BTW, at this point anyone could walk in the room, and I couldn’t care less who sees me with large plastic domes over my special place) Except that I don’t make that much, so I saw “Extract,” which was really funny. (The jokes about married sex are right on the money.) It was close by and only 90 minutes. I never like a long film, and when I am nursing, I really don’t. I only had a smidge pumped, so I booked.  It was the brain holiday I was after. And one that kept me in air conditioning.

Give me your highlights!