How Do you write a children’s book?

Author, Author!  My friend Sarah Maizes stopped by Rex’s bedroom so that I could interview her about her new book. You might remember her from her great turn as the parent of your kid’s friend you don’t like in my Cafe Mom series last year.

When I first met her in a comedy class years ago she said she had previously been a children’s book agent.  We were all interested in that field, she seemed less so.  But, now she has written, and even better gotten published, two children’s books.  They are good and easy to read for the parent who wants to turn out the lights.

Sarah says most children’s book authors don’t make much money.  Unless they get a good series going (Captain Underpants, anyone?)  She had tried to sell Olivia and that darn pig got a pass form 26 publishers.  Perseverance pays off because eventually the author struck gold with that. I think she has buddy series herself.

Children’s book review

Here is a cute book that both of my little kids enjoyed.  “On my Way to the Bath” It was written by Sarah Maizes who is a mom and mom blogger.

I’ll tell you about the book, but first how I know Sarah.

She and I met when Vivien was 6 weeks old.  I was not working out of the home then and was in a shell shocked new mom state.  I knew I needed to do something.  Something like, shower and walk outside for a start.  I felt very shaky those first few months.  I had just engaged a lady to help me some days, but I was nervous about leaving Vivien with her.  Though this woman was mature with a stellar resume, I was not thinking clearly.  So, what would an anxious new mom who feels she needs to something other than obsess on her new daughter do?

If you said, take a sketch comedy class you would be right.

We lived walking distance to the Acme Comedy theater.  I had tons of experience in improv and stand up, but little in sketch.  So, I walked the 5 blocks from our apartment to the theater one Saturday.  Feeling like a hostage who had just been released.  Not sure who to trust or even trusting depth perception. IS that car stopping at the stop sign or is it going to hit me?

I sat down in the theater.  There were about dozen adult students yearning to be funny make small talk.  A smiling brunette started talking to me.  In the course of our talk I said I had a newborn at home,  “You look great!” she beamed.

I do?  I feel like a truck has run me over.

That nice lady was Sarah Maizes.  Mother of three and snappy, upbeat , funny and most what I needed at that moment, kind.

At some point she told us that she had worked in children’s book publishing.  You could see the Hollywood hustle scrambling in everyone’s brain, “I should pitch her the idea of Tommy, the laughing strawberry!’  I think, it’s in my file in between my one woman show and my sitcom treatment.”  But, she made it clear she was done with children’s books.  That was behind her.

So, I was intrigued when her publicist asked if I would like to review her children’s book “On my Way to the Bath.”   The pull of the glossy, color pages had pulled her back in!

Since I like Sarah if I didn’t dig the book I would never have mentioned it.  But, it’s a lovely book.  About a spunky, imaginative little girl who sees so many things while her mom is trying to get her to the bath.  Vivien and Rex both liked it. Rex asked for a reread yesterday.  High praise. I liked it because it reminds us parents who can scream ourselves hoarse  that our children are dealing on  a different plane.  They are not beat down like we are, they still see wonderment and we need to give them some room for that.

The illustrations are by the guy who did the TV show “Maggie and Ferocious beast”, which  was a big fave in this house.  Wish it was still on.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a kid’s birthday and they are in the range of 3 to 7 I can say thumbs up to this book.  ( maybe get a few and stash for the times you forget you have a party to go to, or am I the only one who does that?)