Face Mixer

I don’t go to a lot of mom blogger gatherings.  Was it something I vlogged?  There are bloggers that seem to know everyone, I don’t think I’m that person.  I haven’t been to any of the BIG events, but over the last year I have been invited to a few smaller gatherings and it is nice to meet the sisters.  One a few weeks back was hosted by Romy Raves in the SF Valley.  It was the OPI Salon where I actually had done a segment as host of the Fashion Team there ( you know, before they downsized me to occasional correspondent) it’s a nice place where you can get a massage and pretty nails.

This soiree was sponsored by Therapon skin.  I can’t give a review of it yet as I still haven’t cracked open the sampler box they tucked under my arm that night.  If that cute gal Christina who reps them is any indication I’ll be dropping my dreams of a scapel. She said this is stuff for your skin that was developed by a plastic surgeon. She is a darling Southern Belle who made the party possible and allowed me to gorge myself on LASAGNE cupcakes.  Sounds gross?  well, It’s in the form of a cupcake, but no batter, more like a lasagna bomb. Also cupcakes from Magnolia bakery ( just ordered some mini’s for Rex’s bday party) Ran into Candice of fashionably organized.  We love to talk charter schools and fringe neighborhoods we can afford.

Lots of the gals were getting that new Katy Perry crackle nail thing, not my bag.  But, nice to have a little color on these worn paws.

That’s why I need to listen to my friend Carolyn who always says, “go where your invited.”  Highlight for me was when a gal said, “I just watched Rex’s wallet service!”  Felt like a star.