Rainy Days

Is it just me, or is it impossible to feel all frosty fresh on a rainy day? I even feel like I’m puffier and make up doesn’t go on as well. I asked a guy co-worker today if he felt this way.

“Um, no.” Then I noticed he is basically bald.

“Yeah, you don’t have that ‘my hair is frizzy, and I can’t do anything with it feeling,’ huh?” I wisely deduced.

“Uh, no.”

And I don’t go for my long morning walks when it rains, so forget getting that post-workout flush. I know I’m pretty spoiled with California weather. In colder climates (where I have only lived for a months at a time) I always found it harder to feel sexy in a large padded coat, long underwear, and gloves.

But then in that climate I tend to drink more. The cold brace is fun when you’re buzzed. Maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of hair… I wanted to do a vlog today about how brutal Rex is at pulling hair. My hair, Vivien’s. It can bring tears to the eyes. I set the camera up and held him and waited for him to start pulling and…


Different position and…


The kid would not pull my hair.

Maybe he is on to me.

Mom’s Eroding Self-Esteem

Sometimes I interview celebrity moms when they are guests on my TV show “The Fashion Team” on the TV Guide Channel (which, by the way, one needs a divining rod, crystals and ¬†jumper cables to figure out when it comes on as it airs now ever other week… usually… on Sunday and Monday nights… mostly). I love the gals I interview, or I wouldn’t ask them to do a bit for Cool Mom. If someone wasn’t fun, I would just skip it. I often ask them about beauty on the go. Or how can us moms not look and feel like crap. Now, I know if I haven’t gotten enough sleep, which I haven’t for almost every day for nearly 7 months now, no amount of spit and polish will make me feel like I look good.

And when I haven’t slept, I usually want to snack on carbs, which makes me feel fat, and I probably don’t have time to exercise, which can make me feel a tad better about Team Daphne.

But, sometimes, I do think, “Hey, I look pretty good.” My husband tells me I look nice when I’m naked. (He did recently have eye surgery so let’s take that with a grain of salt.) And then of course there is the unconditional love given to me by my adorable little kids. Kids love doesn’t see whether their mom is Heidi Klum or Doris behind the wheel of a Honda Odyssey whose pants are about to split. They just see their moms in a shining light. Right?

Behind the Scenes: Why I Love Working in TV

When I had Vivien, I didn’t have a gig. I was okay with it, because I had long thought I wanted that first year with my baby. But when she was only 9 days old, I got a call to come in to do a comedy bit for CMT (the Country Music Channel), for a Christmas show. I was to be Mrs. Claus and improvise jokes based on silly videos I watched.

I walked into that studio with a smile on my face, thanking everyone I met. “Hi, Julie? You do makeup? God bless you! Fred, you do lighting? Oh blast me!” I might have kissed the guy who brought the bagels and fruit. And I almost cried when I realized I was going to get a paycheck for the day, as well. ¬†When you haven’t earned your own money in a while after having supported yourself for years, it gets to you.

Even though I was dressed as Mrs. Claus, I was so happy to be out of the house for a few hours, to see that I could still make jokes and go through hair and makeup – even if I was in a white wig and a big red dress.

Well, here is a little peek at the behind-the-scenes of my present job, as host of the “The Fashion Team” on the TV Guide channel. I’m lucky to have a job and even luckier that they apply makeup when I get there.

Dressing Like a Slob

In this video, I’m just hanging out in the storage room at a MyGym, vlogging with the gals. And wishing I took my own fashion advice more often! Ironic, considering I write jokes for Star Magazine every week for “Worst of the Week.” This was one of my own worst of the week.

I did make an effort today and put on makeup. Of course, by lunch it was already filthy, but I tried!

Makeup in the Car

Just because you are a giver of life, a protector, doesn’t mean you have to totally go to seed, right? There’s the glam mom, and then there’s the rest of us who can barely pull it together. I’m not wearing high heels when I take my kids out to golf. Swear, I once saw that!

But, I think we need to make a little effort. In the old days, people would say do it to keep your husband happy. I say, do it to keep you happy! Terrible when you catch a glimpse of yourself and you go, “What happened to that girl? Oh, God, it’s me!!!”

Now, in my video here, I accidentally say blush twice. I meant foundation the other time. Lots of people will say that for running around, tinted moisterizer is fine. Well, they are prettier than me, ’cause I need the coverage of foundation. Let me know your quick “pull it together” tips. This video shares one of mine.