Meeting Karina Smirnoff

I keep meaning to write about this. A couple of weeks ago, Karina Smirnoff of “Dancing with the Stars” was on my show, The Fashion Team. I love “Dancing with the Stars” and always admire the leanness of the dancers’ bodies. Imagine having NO back fat!

Karina Smirnoff and Daphne Brogdon at The Fashion Team

Karina was so sweet and still so heartbroken over her break-up with Mario Lopez. Yeck, yick, blech. His half-naked body was all over the cover of the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, so her publicist was rounding them all up in the studio so they wouldn’t be face up as Karina walked into the green room or the dressing room. Like being a good girlfriend.

At one point after we bonded I told her, “You can do better than Mario Lopez. He is coming off as a big narcissist with all his naked body pictures.” She was wistful and said, “For two years, I was so in love, I didn’t see it.” Me: “Well, that’s what your 20’s are for. Now, onward and upward!”

I told her about my blog and said, “Look, mommies don’t look like you and don’t go on big dancing shows, but what’s your advice for some easy glam tips?” She said lip gloss and Scott Barnes body glow. I’m a firm believer that a spray tan makes you look 10 pounds lighter, so I am sure she is right.

On the show, I asked her if she was bummed when as a dancer they get stuck with a turkey partner, like Penn Jillete. She was kind and said you never know who is going to do well. They must be though, as they get paid per week, and if Monica Seles (video) is your partner, that’s a slim payday. ¬†Whenever the show starts up again, I will be rooting for Karina.