Who Wants These Big Clothes?

I’m thinking ahead… By about 6-8 weeks, shouldn’t I sell my maternity clothes online?  Not the milk-stain-on-the-breast, $10 Motherhood Maternity t-shirt, but the nice A Pea In the Pod ones I splurged on.  Those pants and dresses were $200 plus.  God, that’s so 2008.  For 2009, it’s about resale!

I found this site, gently used.com, where moms can sell their duds and children’s clothes.  Although, some of these ladies need their hormones adjusted.  A used Old Navy or Motherhood top for $10?  Isn’t that what it is new?  I think this site needs me.

Has anyone done this before or EBay?  I’m new to the virtual garage sale world.

After Vivien, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep reproducing. But now, it’s for sure the swan song to pregnancy, so clothing-wise, come and get it!

Baby Boy!
Creative Commons License photo credit: MQuimayousie

Maternity Clothes Are a Racket!

Well, maybe they’re not entirely a racket, but I have had a revelation about maternity clothes during this pregnancy. Often NON-maternity clothes can work better than maternity clothes.

Cute black pregnancy dress - Coolmom.com

The crack wardobe department at TV Guide channel brought this home at my fittitng. (A fitting is when I try on a bunch of outfits to see if they will work for the next month of shows.) Check out the cute black dresses (one above and one below). NOT maternity.  

cute black dress for pregnancy - Coolmom.com

Almost all of the clothes I have worn on the show are not maternity wear, and they are adorable. Who’d a thunk? The clothes they put me in either have an empire waist or a stretchy jersey that leaves room. Lauren Francis (in pic behind me) and Amanda Jones have done the hard part, going to Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Target to find things and I only need to try them all on. But I’m telling  you, the prego dresses were shaped like potato sacks and they often cost more than the regular clothes.

I have a pair of maternity jeans and a maternity jean skirt that have such a constricting waistband, I lose my breath when I put them on. I never feel like that with the NON-maternity clothes.

good maternity pants - Coolmom.com

I do have these Pea in the Pod slacks I bought for this pregnancy (above). They are comfortable and good for work. I think the chief reason I like this waistband is not because it grows as I do, but because I pee so much, it’s easier just to pull down my trousers as opposed to unsnapping and unzipping each time. Jeez, I’ll be back in the loo by the time I get zipped up again.