Building a dream house (spons)


For years I have been on the edge of buying Vivien a doll house.  I think they are so pretty.  They are usually pricey and that’s before you house all the miniature furnishings.  In the end, Vivien has saved me the money because when I ask her if she wants one she says no.  Okay, back to mommy’s retirement fund.

But, last spring when I was asked if I would take Viv to a Barbie Dream house event and that part of the pay for going would be a Dream house Vivien was jumping up and down.  Isn’t it a doll house? I guess not. It’s a dream house

I was in Spain that weekend, so my sister Cecily took her with Rex and my niece Lily.There were crafts. They got some good Barbie swag and Rex fell asleep on the grass.  Now, it’s months later.  Perhaps the house had been just a…a.. a dream?  But, we return from our most recent trip and what is waiting for us… wait for it… yes, the Dream House.  It’s a large box, but I easily took it upstairs to her room.

“Can we please put it together now mommy?”  She asked. Rex was equally excited.

“We just drove 7 hours, I haven’t had dinner, we’ve been gone for two weeks, I’m not touching that till I eat and sleep.”  Which I did.

It’s quite impressive. All furniture and fixtures included.    What we would call a “Santa Present”.  I noted that it’s close to her bday so she would think this was her big present from her parents. The next day when we tackled it there were some tears.  Mostly Rex’s as Vivien scolded him,  “No, it doesn’t go there.”    Stuff like that.  I took her aside.  “Viv, can you imagine for a minute if we came home and there was a big toy present waiting for Rex, just Rex.  Nothing for you.  And you only wanted to help him with his toy and when you did he yelled out you.  How would you feel?”  She got it and little brother was let back in the room. I was the general saying “we have to put it together in the sequence of the directions.”

We’ve snapped most of it together, though I will say that the elevator eludes me. There is a string / pulley thing. I so wish that my brother Jeff did not live in Australia.  He was working with pulleys before he could speak.  I’m thinking of standing on a street with a sign, “please put Barbie elevator together for me.  Will feed you.”

Note: the string in the middle, I got that far with the elevator

Even with non ADA compliancy Vivien does love her Dream house.

They are avail at Walmart (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $184.99) This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Mattel. All opinions stated are my own.



Who Would Buy a Bratz?

Why would any mom buy their daughter a Bratz doll? This lady did and then discovered the doll had the word “Enter” on her belt buckle. But the outrageous lips and hooker outfit were okay?

I was so glad when Mattel won the Bratz case. I think like Bush/Cheney and Bernie Madoff, the people who manufactured the Bratz deserved to be punished. No one made people buy the dolls, right? Yes, but we arrest drug dealers as well. They don’t make people buy drugs, but there is a consensus that society could run more smoothly without them. No fit on the toy store floor would make me buy one of these trampy dolls.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rejohnson71

It’s hard not to tell my daughter that she is beautiful. One thing that I so admire about her is that she hates when I call her that. “No, mommy, I’m smart, strong, and brave.” My thought: Yes, of course you are, and that is what I should be reinforcing in you. Her own innate survival skills are already superior to my own. I’ll buy her the smart, strong, and brave doll. The one who can fix things, doesn’t run up her credit card, is honest to people, graduates from a good college. And doesn’t have Lisa Rinna lips.