What went on without me

I pride myself on being up on news and knowing pop culture, but this week that’s gone to seed. Instead this was a week I reorganized my files. Ah, what a feeling! Long overdue.

Having dinner with my mom and sisters last night. They knew every detail of the inauguration.

Chuck Schumer so happy, John Boehner so not.

“Did you hear Richard Blanco’s poem?” ( watch it here, quite good)

Me “no”  I missed everything. No school that day and I chose to sleep in.

“It was incredible.  So beautiful”

“I loved Medger Evers widow.  Wow, what a speaker.”

I had managed to catch Michele Obama’s ball gown when I was at the gym and liked it.

They went on.  “Do you think Beyonce lip synced?  I don’t think it matters.”
Hmm, I knew she was there, but that’s about it.

“I saw Bill Clinton looked healthy”  I contributed.

Then they started talking about Hillary Clinton testifying about Benghazi.  I did finally listen to a bit of it this morning, but they had watched the whole thing.

“She is exhausted and she is pissed.  I like her attitude.”  I had missed some good drama there.

“Hey, ” I said, ” what about Lance Armstrong on Oprah?  I saw some of that.”

The sisters snarled.  “He can go crawl in a hole.”

I will have to read a weekly digest of some sorts at some point. Just Vivien’s homework feels like a part time job. But, they should see how good my files look! Well, I’ll save that bit of news for our next dinner out!