The other day I read this article in the LA Times by their critic about what TV she would watch were it not her job. I agreed with a few and it inspired me to share my faves. ‘Cause I have to say, after a couple years of not much to look forward to other than The Daily Show or Ugly Betty, some 30 Rock or a bit of Mad Men, I’m in love again. There is a reason I walk away from the computer.

Remote Control
Creative Commons License photo credit: skpy

Castle on ABC. I used to love mystery novels so this one about a mystery writer teaming with a cop is my cup of tea. Nathan Fillion, the lead, is also my cup of whatever he wants. Handsome and quippy with topical references. Sigh, he might go on my list. Throw in the sweet relationship with his daughter and his mother, and that’s on my Tivo. Downside, LA is clearly the stand-in for NYC, and for location savvy gal like myself, it looks kind of lame sometimes, but nowhere near as lame as the overly slick CSI franchise (blech).

The Good Wife on CBS. On ER, Juliane Margulies kind of bugged, but not here. On The Good Wife, she is the working mom dealing after life slapped her in the face. For her, the slap was her politician hubby (Chris Noth- Mr Big) involved in a political scandal that exposed his infidelity and landed him in jail. Since I’ve been forging ahead after my “money manager” went to jail I watch with a “you go girl!” enthusiasm.

Modern Family on ABC (Hey, ABC is geared toward a female demo). The pilot was super funny. The rest have been not as funny, but good. Yes, they have the have a skinny woman who looks about 34 with three kids, the oldest being 15 (who looks 20), but other than having to suspend my inner math, I do enjoy this show. The gay couple really make it. When they go to a mommy and me class and feel self-conscious, it struck a blow for all of us who have gone to those classes or groups feeling like all the other moms are friends or who worry where our kids rank developmentally.

The Middle on ABC. Why isn’t this being talked about? The most realistic mom on TV is played by Patricia Heaton. I love that her kids are all losers and her husband really looks like he would be her husband. Her house is messy, and she is always running around between her job and her kid’s school or taking care of elderly relatives. It’s not like The Cosby Show where the parents calmly sat and waited at home to talk to their smart kids. Or In the Motherhood where they all too cute with their jeans tucked in boots. Downside, they always tack on a voiceover with a “but all in all, my life is great.” That undercuts the realness that has transpired for the last 25 minutes. They don’t need to. It’s still a comedy, she still loves her family, we get it, don’t need the forced Pollyana bit.

These can all be watched online as well.

Okay, so that’s what I do after the kids are asleep. How about you?