Hot Mama

Here’s a Halloween costume I didn’t wear to take my daughter out trick-or-treating this year. I have a mommy friend, Mary, who is one of the owners of the famous “Trashy Lingere” store here in LA. It is a great store that makes wonderful, saucy outfits. I have a Snow White outfit from them that rocks – of course I got it when I was on “The X Show” on FX seven years ago, and it has a tight corset. So I won’t be wearing that for a while.

Pregnant Halloween Costume -

I am a big believer that moms need to reconnect with their sexiness. It’s so easy to live your life in cotton drawstring pants (I’m wearing them right now). I did a shoot for the Fashion Team at Trashy and ended the segment with this naughty scout outfit. I want pregnant women not to complain, “I’m fat,” but to yell, “Look what a hot life-giver I am!!” You can buy this stuff online, ladies!

Or just think about sitting on Daniel Craig’s lap. Whatever works.

Dressing While Decaffed

That does it – I need caffeine. I had a homemade half-caf this morning, and after getting Viv’s lunch together and unloading the dishwasher, I got dressed. You can see the results below. I look like I’m in a cult. Or perhaps in preschool.

Daphne in her decaf pregnancy outfit

Here was my thinking process: “I am going to pre-natal Pilates, so I’ll put on leggings.” Then I thought, “I’m dropping off Viv at preschool first, and do I really want my crotch-space showing? What will the other mothers think?” So I decided to put on a skirt, but not many fit. Anyway, it was a mess. The Pilates teacher convinced me to lose the skirt, which I did. It’s LA: it could be a look.

The moral of the story was that after I dropped off Viv, I had another half-caf and then the world seemed a bit clearer. Sorry, Junior: Mom can’t think without caffeine.

My Kid Looks Better Than I Do

How many times have you felt like your kid looks a lot better than you do? Could be almost every day. But it really hit me today. Here she is wearing a great dress we got her in Paris, and I am dressed like a slob. I had exercised, but really it’s not an uncommon outfit for me to wear when I am not working.

Daphne in workout clothes, Vivien in a dress

Mommy clothes are either working out clothes, the horrendous mom jeans, or the flowing skirt/dress thing. We went to our Rock Toddler music class and a mommy friend was there in the flowing dress look. I think that is the way to go. Especially in the summer. Comfortable, no tushy showing, still feminine.Cause sometimes I see moms running around in their faux workout clothes, and I am seeing outlines of a body that shouldn’t be showcased. I think, “Oh God, that is me!”

Partly it’s fashion by sleep deprivation, but now that I get more sleep I think I could pull it together. Do I really need to be this casual in order to parent? Do any of us? It feels like it, but maybe we all need a paradigm shift.