Spring Break Break

I, like other mothers, was bracing for my kid’s spring break. I thought I would hate it. I’ve been spoiled by Vivien being in school from 9 (if I get there on time) to just before 3 (pick up later, and you are in trouble). Now I haven’t been at peak work/writing production during the break, but now that it’s about to end I’m a bit wistful. In all she will have been off for 2 and half weeks.

I mentioned to a mom friend that I like spring break.

“You are the only one” she quipped.

I found Vivien was better behaved, and we had less conflict on her break. My mom , a former nursery school director, thinks Viv’s school is too crowded and that it can promote aggressiveness in kids. I also thought maybe our conflicts come from me not focusing enough on her, especially with a new baby. She gets mom time, and then she is more reasonable. It’s not only I who have noticed; my husband and Dolly (who helps me when Mark works at night) has also noticed a sweeter kid. So, do I send her back to school?

Well, she likes her buddies there, and it’s paid for. And I really want to lose these 15 pounds, so I am going to use some of her school time to push Rex around in a stroller. Other than that, I might consider a little home preschooling.

Free Time: Poll Results

So if you forgot, Monday’s poll question was, “If you were given 2 hours of absolute free time, what would you do?”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who, given the choice, would prefer to sit on her duff – the winning option, by a cheek. 

Now, a close second was “Go to a cafe, like when I was single.” Theoretically, yes, this is what I would do. But, in reality, free time usually means I sit right down. 

I feel like I should have qualified the options, on second thought. If I were already out of the house when I find free time, I wouldn’t run home and sit down. I would shop, exercise, or go to a cafe. But, if the free time appeared at home? Down I’d go.

Thirteen percent of you had other things on your agenda, like Attilla the Mum, who wrote, “Mani pedi time!!!!, with extra time in that awesome massage chair. Then I would indulge in a chocolate milkshake.”

Whatever you do with the free time, lucky you!

But 18% of you can’t get that sponge out of your hands. I used to be like that, but then once I realized I was more likely to get divorced if a professional didn’t periodically appear to clean. I gave it up (Mark wouldn’t divorce me, but once I had a baby, if he or my stepson left a dish in the sink, I became Mommy Dearest).